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At ST, we are 48,000 creators and makers of semiconductor technologies and an independent device manufacturer mastering the semiconductor supply chain with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We design and build products, solutions and ecosystems that address the challenges and opportunities of our customers and partners, and the need to support a more sustainable world.

With over 30 years’ experience in smart semiconductor solutions for industrial automation, ST’s solutions combine the latest advances in performance and intelligence to enable more efficient, more connected, and safer factories.

SPS Italy Digital Days provides us with an opportunity to showcase our latest innovations implementing Si and SiC technologies, including demos on IO Link connectivity, industrial sensors for predictive maintenance, power electronics and motor control. Browse our SPS Contact Place to discover our demos, webinars, resources and get in touch with our experts!

In ST, siamo 48 mila creatori e costruttori di tecnologie a semiconduttore e governiamo la catena di fornitura nei semiconduttori con siti manifatturieri allo stato dell’arte. Come produttore indipendente di dispositivi lavoriamo con i nostri 100 mila clienti e migliaia di partner per progettare e costruire prodotti, soluzioni ed ecosistemi che rispondono alle loro sfide e opportunità, e alla necessità di supportare un mondo più sostenibile.

Con oltre 30 anni di esperienza nelle tecnologie a semiconduttore intelligente per l'automazione industriale, le soluzioni di ST combinano i più recenti progressi in termini di prestazioni e intelligenza per realizzare fabbriche più efficienti, più connesse e più sicure.

SPS Italy Digital Days ci offre l'opportunità di presentare le nostre ultime innovazioni che implementano le tecnologie a base di silicio e carburo di silicio, tra cui demo sulla connettività IO Link, sui sensori industriali per la manutenzione predittiva e sull’elettronica di potenza per il controllo motore.
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20864Agrate Brianza (MB)


Richiedi di essere contattato da STMicroelectronics

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BLUENRG-2 and BLUENRG-2N (Flyer)

IoT-ready Bluetooth® Low Energy processors

Job Offers

The AG200 factory in Agrate Brianza produces smart power ICs and MEMS devices for both consumer and automotive markets and serves, among the others, most of the major players in the car electronic components and mobile phone businesses.

We are looking for a process engineer for the wet module team.

The position requires to work on process equipment for semiconductor processing using both inorganic and organic chemicals

For our Automotive Processing & RF Division / SW IPs & Tools Team, we are looking for a SW/FW Engineer with experience in RTOS development and basic knowledge about Functional Safety.

This position requires a solid background in embedded SW development / Integration activities for ARM based platforms.

The candidate will develop/integrate low level drivers and Middleware components for SoCs belonging to Processing & RF Division for both MPU and MCU type of products.

One of the key roles will be to act as Safety Engineer, addressing all Software aspects related to the Functional Safety for all divisional products.

The candidate shall also take care of performance benchmarking and bring-up of divisional platforms.

As a Senior Process Engineer in STMicroelectronics (Photolithography Area), you will: 

-       Support tool installation and process qualification in new 12” Agrate fab startup phase

-       Develop and sustain processes in manufacturing environment

-       Ensure process robustness and stability

-       Monitor and control SPC/FDC trends

-       Troubleshoot process deviation and equipment malfunctions to improve process quality and productivity

-       Implement continuous improvement projects to improve the process capabilities, reliability and cost

-       Perform qualification of new tool types and relevant documentation work

-       Guarantee tool uptime and tool performance aligned to targets

-       Setup and monitor equipment control plans

-       Define and maintain OCAP procedures, train on shift team for OCAP

-       Manage lots on hold, tool alarms and FDC

-       Support new tool selection, equipment procurement and specification definition

-       Improve tool and process performances in terms of COO, defectivity, OEE, MTBC,…

-       Train and mentor new hires and junior colleagues

Job description

Digital design RTl and F2B engineer 


Candiate should have basic knowledge of:

- Digital design flow

- RTL coding

- synthesis  and F2 principles


Job description

To Design Smart Power and Analog Products for Medical Application.

To work in a IC Design Team with daily interaction with Marketing and Application Departments.

To support Application Team in silicon validation.


Deep knowledge of Analog basic building blocks, analog electronics, simulation techniques ( Eldo, Spice, Cadence environment). Knowledge of stability loop and compensation, Op-amps, Voltage Reference and auxiliary blocks.

Basic knowledge of silicon technologies and building processes.

Job description

The candidate will be part of the software development team that will deliver a
automatic tool to optimize and map artificial neural networks and/or machine learning
algorithms on ST devices, in SW or exploiting a set of HW accelerators. The tool
needs to interface with the most widely used deep learning frameworks (such as
TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, etc.).

Job description

Microcontrollers & Digital ICs Group (MDG) contributes to many of ST’s strategic goals for Industrial, Personal Electronics and Communications Equipment. MDG represents about one third of ST’s business.

MDG represents around 3 000 employees (mainly R&D teams in France) located in 40 countries, with a revenue of above

3 billion dollars in 2020. It is addressing 2 major activities: first, General Purpose (GP) Microcontrollers, Memories and Secure Micro (MMS Subgroup) covers all products based on Non-Volatile Memory technologies. It represents 80% of MDG business and second, The RFC Sub-Group focusing on Radio Frequency, Digital & Mixed Signals activities, represents 20% of MDG business.

The RF and Communication Division (RFC) is a leading STMicroelectronics organization which develops innovative solutions to serve the fast-growing worldwide communication and connectivity markets.

By joining ST and our teams at the forefront of their field, you will contribute to the development of our next differentiating products using the most advanced technologies and support customer all along product life cycle.

We are looking for a Product Reliability and qualification support to sustain our activity.

You will be a member of MDG/RFC Product Quality and Reliability Team.

The mission is to support the execution of the daily activity, manage the activities to sustain product qualification and warehouse activities needs.

Main task will be to provide support to the Quality and Reliability Team located in Castelletto. 

The Application Team of the Automotive Microcontroller Business Unit,
part of the Automotive Processing and RF Division, is looking for
an application engineer to support automotive microcontroller product lines.
In the context of Automotive MCU Application team, the candidate will:
perform application validation of new MCU products
support customers' projects on both hardware and software aspects
support pre and post silicon activities
provide MCU standard benchmark figures
contribute and review of technical documentation
prepare application and technical notes for specific applications
provide reference code for automotive applications
address safety and security aspects of automotive applications
perform power consumption campaign for automotive MCUs
define, design and implement reference code for car electrification building blocks

Developing analog/mixed-signal blocks that are integrated into multiple SoCs. The development of the blocks includes ADCs, DACs, DC/DC converters (buck/boost topologies), comparators, temperature sensors, on-chip sensing circuits, LDOs, GPIOs, etc.
Work on Analog circuits and sub-system specifications, design, analysis, and implementation, including schematic capture, circuit simulation, layout supervision, silicon validation, etc.


Developing analog/mixed-signal blocks that are integrated into multiple SoCs. The development of the blocks includes ADCs, DACs, DC/DC converters (buck/boost topologies), comparators, temperature sensors, on-chip sensing circuits, LDOs, GPIOs, etc.
Work on Analog circuits and sub-system specifications, design, analysis, and implementation, including schematic capture, circuit simulation, layout supervision, silicon validation, etc.

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