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ARMILIS was born as a pioneering project driven by the passion for innovation and blockchain technology in 2018 seeing the need to bring this tool to the Industrial Sector. Our goal is to accelerate the incorporation of blockchain, to guarantee a certified traceability of information that is transparent, reliable and with identity, developing modular, interoperable and easy to implement tools, ready for scalability at production level

Brochure - Trusted Operations

With the Trusted Operations you can track all workers on-field activities (product handling/loading/unloading, maintenance, inspections, construction progress, ...) with maximum reliability and transparency thanks to blockchain, that creates an auditable record trail of information (text, media files, documents) to have a unique history of the employee activity and working status

BROCHURE - Trusted Connectors

- The Trusted Connector is a docker unit that allows to connect any software application or database to blockchain through a high-level API, removing the complexities of cryptography and Decentralized Identity. - It can write/read from/to blockchain, concatenate events, create a blockchain digital twin to store a history record trail, ...

BROCHURE - Trusted Collector

- Trusted Collector is the combination of IoT and Blockchain in a unique sealed unit - It allows to digitally certify any event using blockchain (i.e: energy production/consumption, oil extraction/processing, production phases, ...) - The Trusted Collector has its own digital identity and signature , allowing to uniquely identify each device, thus avoiding data falsification

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Armilis Video Introduction

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