Piero Bersanini S.p.A Company presentation
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Piero Bersanini S.p.A Company presentation

Elena Bersanini presenting the company

Discover our product offering and solutions including industrial data communications, energy, connection systems, security, signal conditioning and instrumentation. 

We have an established presence in industries such as railways, oil and gas, energy, building and factory automation and the marine sector. 


Elena Bersanini

Business Development Manager

Elena Bersanini

Piero Bersanini S.p.A

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Categoria merceologica: Sistemi di automazione

Settori: Telecomunicazioni/ICT , Macchine assemblaggio , Utilities (Acqua/Energia)

Area tematica: Automazione Avanzata

Keyword: #energy #connectionsystems #security #signalconditioning #industrialdatacommunications