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Managing Power Quality and reduce financial losses
21 febbraio 2022
26 maggio 2022
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Managing Power Quality and reduce financial losses

Retroactive vs Proactive approach

Reliability and consistency of electricity supply is one of the most important conditions for the activities of industrial and service companies. Problems originating from poor Power Quality include interruptions, dips or harmonic pollution. Therefore the loads connected to a network with such problems will fail, have a short lifetime and the efficiency of the system will decrease.

According to Leonardo Energy organization the financial losses due to poor Power Quality amount to a total of €150 billion annually in the EU-25. And its impact in the rest of the world is in the same order of magnitude.


The ideal state of a load would have a constant magnitude and frequency voltage waveform. However this is not possible in real installations (outages, non-zero impedance, etc. ).  The consequences of poor Power Quality include:

  • Unexpected power supply failures (breakers tripping, fuses blowing).
  • Equipment failure or malfunctioning
  • Equipment overheating (transformers, motors, …) leading to their lifetime reduction.
  • Damage to sensitive equipment (PC‟s, production line control systems, etc.).
  • Electronic communication interferences.
  • Increase of system losses.
  • Need to oversize installations to cope with additional electrical stress with consequential increase of installation and running costs and associated higher carbon footprint.
  • Penalties imposed by utilities because the site pollutes the supply network too much.
  • Connection refusal of new sites because the site would pollute the supply network too much.

More here:  https://www.electrex.it/en/news/company-news/the-importance-of-managing-power-quality-and-reduce-the-financial-losses-caused-by-disturbances.html


  • •What is Power Quality measurement?
  • •The importance of measuring Power Quality
  • •Brief description of the disturbances
  • •Power quality measurement equipment
  • •How and where to install the measuring equipment
  • •Analysis of the data provided by the measurement
  • •Practical cases.


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Skender Musaj

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