TWIN TOUCH Touchscreen Systems

Industrial touchscreens with force detection

RAFI expands its GLASSCAPE portfolio of industrial-grade capacitive touchscreens, introducing the new TwinTouch input technology, which in addition to touch evaluates the force of inputs. Combining touch and force detection, TwinTouch significantly increases operational safety. Capacitive switches and fields in the touchscreen can be configured to require a defined pressure force for touch commands. This helps prevent accidental input through unintended contact with the screen. The switching thresholds for the applied pressure can be individually adjusted via software. At the same time, the combined evaluation of touch and mechanical force enables an implementation of additional input levels. For instance, pressing a screen button for a prolonged time may activate a context menu, or applying different amounts of pressure may be used to adjust parameter values. The TwinTouch system with trackless pressure measurement ensures reliable IP65 ingress protection.

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GLASSCAPE by RAFI sets benchmarks in capacitive touch technologies.GLASSCAPE is characterized by long-term availability and reliability of supply. We offer an impressive portfolio of robust and flexible solutions.


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