World-first drivetrain for Delta robots

The world’s only direct drive motor for Delta robots.

Trusted by companies like ABI and Wyzo.

No gearbox. No downtime. No contamination.

Bring maximum throughput to your Delta robots with LiveDrive LDD - the patented high performance motor that eliminates gearbox maintenance and leakage while simplifying architecture.

Top Benefits:
Zero Maintenance & Downtime
With no need for gears, belts, or lubrication, LiveDrive motors dramatically simplify the drivetrain, reducing the need for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance and improving overall MTBF.

No Contamination Risk
Protect valuable products from the risk of oil leaks and contamination with no need for additional sealing or casing. This makes EHEDG, USDA/FDA, and CFIA guidelines easier to follow.

Fast IP67-Rated Washdowns
LiveDrive is 100% protected against dust and sand, and secured against light washdown for fast, easy cleaning of your Delta robots.

Unmatched Precision & Speed
Improve accuracy, rigidity, repeatability, acceleration and stopping time by fully eliminating backlash and lowering the inertia inherent in any geared drivetrain.

Improve Machine Density
With a compact footprint, LiveDrive allows you to implement more flexible systems with less floor space to drive more value from your machinery.

Faster Assembly
Manage fewer components in the supply chain and reduce programming time without the need to compensate for backlash - so you can build robots faster.

Reduce Build Costs
With fewer components needed to build or to store as spares, LiveDrive requires less paid labor for assembly while also eliminating the need for leak-proof enclosures.

Open New Markets
Delta robots driven by LiveDrive can be used as a feasible replacement to other more expensive, less flexible robotic solutions such as SCARA.

Commercially available right now.


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