The Pay-per-Part Model

Defining a New Era for Manufacturing

Is there an alternative to the traditional purchase of machines that makes it possible to enable innovative business models? The pay-per-part model offers companies in the sheet metal processing industry entirely new solution opportunities. Thus, industrial companies can access the latest automated laser cutting technologies without large upfront investment and adjust the production volume based on demand. This unique business model is a forward-looking response to an increasingly dynamic market environment – facilitating growth and resilience.
Operating high-quality machines at an optimized level of productivity over a long period becomes essential for ensuring a competitive advantage. Gaining a whole new perspective on the manufacturing process and redefining digital in the industrial space is at the heart of sustainable growth. And this is where innovation comes into play.

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Equipment-as-a-Service offers a holistic approach to a solution that helps to overcome the challenges of the industrial digitization and the development of small, medium and large enterprises in a wide range of sectors and allows them to equip themselves for the digital future.


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