Nicla Sense ME

A new standard for intelligent sensing solutions

The Nicla Sense ME is a tiny and low-power tool that sets a new standard for intelligent sensing solutions. The board combines four state-of-the-art sensors from Bosch Sensortec with the simplicity of integration and scalability of the Arduino ecosystem.

Easily analyse Motion and Environment measuring rotation, acceleration, pressure, humidity, temperature, air quality and CO2 levels.

Thanks to its tiny size (22.86 x 22.86 mm) and a robust design, the board is suitable for projects that need to combine sensor fusion and AI capabilities on the edge.

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Categoria merceologica: Sensori

Settori: Building Automation (inclusi ascensori e sistemi elevatori), Elettronica/Elettrotecnica, Macchine Utensili/Robotica

Area tematica: Robotica & Meccatronica