Line scan cameras for 3D inspection

The Chromasens 3D line scan camera 3DPIXA enables 3D inspection applications and 3D measurement techniques with high resolution. With a unique combination of line scan camera technology and fast 3D stereo calculation, the camera simultaneously delivers 3D data and color images.

3D applications can be created directly with the support of common image processing libraries. With the easy-to-integrate Chromasens 3D API, 3DPIXA images and 3D data are also available for any other Windows software environment.

Adequate illumination is a prerequisite for optimum 3D results. In order to select the most suitable illumination for an application, the entire range of corona illuminations is available.

The 3DPIXA is available in two different versions - compact and dual:

3DPIXA compact
The 3DPIXA compact offers full speed in a smaller space and is used in many automotive applications.

3DPIXA dual
The 3DPIXA dual convinces with larger scanning widths and higher accuracies and is used for applications in electronics and semiconductor inspection.

Key Features
- High speed inline 3D measurement
- Large field of view @ high resolution
- Height resolution up to 0.55 micron
- 2D resolution up to 5 micron
- Line scan frequencies up to 30 kHz @ full resolution
- Flexible use of all types of line illuminations
- 3D and color simultaneously
- User friendly Chromasens 3D-API for software integration
- Supported libraries: HALCON (MVTec), MIL (Matrox), LabVIEW (National Instruments), Coake (SAC)

- Fast inline height measurement
- Completeness check in 2D and 3D
- Verification of 2D and 3D dimensions
- Identifying micron defects
- Combined 3D and 2D color inspection
- 3D web inspection
- Elektronics: Wirebond inspection
- Elektronics: PCB inspection
- Food: Food quality assessment
- Metal: Metal surface inspection

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