Industrial building automation based on Bluetooth LE Mesh networks

Mesh networks allow nodes (internet hubs) to work together without relying on a single router, and to communicate in two directions over a far longer range than a simple point-to-point connection can cover. Nodes in a Mesh network can be controlled using a smartphone or a tablet and ensure reliable and secure wireless connectivity throughout the network.

We have recently added new hardware tools and updated our BLE Mesh software offering for industrial building automation. Watch the demo video (Italian subtitles available) to discover our latest updates, and see Mesh networks in action!

ST Products
BlueNRG-2N network processor
STM32WB BLE-enabled MCU


Software Development Kit

Area Download

IoT-ready Bluetooth® Low Energy processors

Guarda il video

Categoria merceologica: Comunicazione industriale

Settori: Elettronica/Elettrotecnica

Area tematica: Automazione Avanzata

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