Una soluzione plug-and-play compatta per una commutazione di rete veloce e affidabile, crittografata MACsec.

EHG2408 Series, Managed Switch - 8-Port Industrial Smart Secure Lite-Managed Gigabit Switch

- 6 X 10/100/1000 BASE-T(X) RJ45 ports
- Additional 2 x 10/100/1000 BASE-T(X) RJ45 ports or 2 x 100/1000 BASE-X SFPslots with MACsec encryption support
- 99% of throughput guarenteed no additional latency
- Ideal for a plug-and-play local area network protection. Embedded MACsec Key Agreement offers high-protection with no configuration.
- IP30 aluminum housing, DIN-Rail or Wall mount
- Prioritizes Profinet Packets according to 802.1P
- Operational temperature between -20°C~70°C

Featuring 6 x Gigabit RJ45 ports and the choice between 2 x Secure Gigabit RJ45 ports or 2 x Secure Gigabit SFP uplink slots, ATOP’s EHG2408 switch series provides a plug-and-play solution for fast, reliable network switching that offers increased network security through MACsec encryption.

Providing point-to-point security on Ethernet links between nodes, MACsec uses GCM-AES to ensure the integrity of all network traffic. This means it can secure a network from a whole host of security threats, including intrusion, man-in-the-middle, masquerading, passive wiretapping, and playback attacks. And because MACsec encryption is hardware-based, there is no added latency.

With its modern, slim, and flat design to minimize surface area usage, is ideal for demanding industrial applications that require compact solutions while delivering high network performance. Supporting a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C and being compliant with essential sections of EN 60950, UL/IEC 60950, EN/IEC(CB)/UL62368-1, and MIL-STD-810F, the EHG2408 switch series is a powerful compact device that can perform under a variety of environmental conditions, such as power input voltage, shock, drop and vibration.

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EHG2408 è un dispositivo compatto, sicuro e altamente performante in una varietà di condizioni ambientali, come tensione di ingresso di alimentazione, urti, cadute, vibrazioni ed escursioni termiche. Contatta i nostri esperti per avere maggiori informazioni sui nostri Industrial Ethernet Switches.

Categoria merceologica: Ethernet industriale

Settori: Macchine assemblaggio, Building Automation (inclusi ascensori e sistemi elevatori), Macchine Utensili/Robotica

Area tematica: Automazione Avanzata

Keyword: #switch #security #compact #macsec #fast

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