NG 250/ NG 500

Adaption of product range to the new requirements of intralogistics

In intralogistics, the importance of self-guided vehicles is increasing. Not only the traditional manufacturers, but also users or their suppliers of operating equipment are designing new battery-powered solutions. The technical solutions are as diverse as the players in the market. To meet these, Dunkermotoren draws on its existing portfolio of motors, encoders, controllers and gearboxes. But new system components have also been added.
Both in the AGVs (AutomatedGuidedVehicle) and especially in the AGCs (AutomatedGuidedCart), the vehicle width is kept as small as possible. The frame height is also limited. The shortest and slimmest possible drives are therefore required to drive the wheels.
New transmission series:
With the new NG (hub gearbox) series, the transmission disappears into the wheel hub. The overall length of the gearbox is thus virtually eliminated. The hub gears of Dunkermotoren take up the radial forces acting on the wheel directly on the gear housing. This means there are no lateral forces for the bearing. High loads can be absorbed cost-effectively and compactly. For the lighter AGCs, Dunkermotoren engineers consider the NG 250, which can carry 250 kg, to be ideal. In the area of AGVs, the NG 500 with 500 kg load capacity has proven to be the common size. Assuming four load-bearing wheels, the loaded vehicle can weigh up to 2,000 kg.

An example of a product with STO, is the newly developed smart controller BGE 5510 dPro. The encoders for speed feedback are very reliable but are not sufficient for the requirements of AGVs. The modular concept of Dunkermotoren makes it possible to mount a redundant encoder, e.g. from the RE 30 series, at the rear end of the motor in addition to the one integrated in the motor. Alternatively, so-called "safe encoders" can also be accessed.

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